Block Chain Technology


Through a successful high impact training, MoIT&T aims to achieve the following benefits:


  • University Teacher must be at least MS/M-Phil in relevant filed i.e. (Computer Science, IT and relevant disciplines) with teaching experience of one year in any HEC approved Institute.
  • IT Professionals must have at least 04 years Bachelor Degree (before 30th June 2020) in the Field of Computer Science, Information Technology and relevant discipline with basic programming skills, networks and system administration basic knowledge. They must have at least one year working experience in relevant field from any reputable company or as a freelancer.

Course Content:

This highly immersive hands-on course should cover the following as a minimum:

  • Blockchain Technology basics and available blockchain development and deployment platforms including: Hyper ledger, Ethereum and Corda.
  • Public and Private blockchain network development and deployment using Hyper ledger Fabric and Ethereum.
  • Smart Contracts and business logic development and deployment on blockchain networks.
  • Blockchain Client and Web Frontend Development using NodeJS, AngularJS,Express.JS or Solidity.
  • Commercial deployment and testing of blockchain distributed applications(dApps).
  • Introduction to Blockchain Technology.
  • Hyper ledger Fabric Basics.

  • Understanding Hyper ledger Assets.
  • Introduce to Hyper ledger Blockchain Client Development.
  • Hyper ledger Frontend Development, Deployment & Testing.
  • Developing and Deploying Distributed Applications(dApps).
  • Introducing to the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
  • Using Solidity for Ethereum Virtual Machine.
  • Introduction to Ethereum Smart Contract.
  • Security and Deployment of Smart Contract.
  • Public and Private Ethereum dApps.
  • Operations and Maintenance Tips and Tricks.

How to Join Boot Camp?

Step-1: Online Registration:
Interested candidates may get their self-registered through following portals in cloud native computing.

Step-2: Online Pre-Qualification Test & Interviews:

Online pre-qualification test will be conducted only for IT Professionals. University Teachers are exempted from this test. Interviews will be conducted for all candidates.

Step-3: Selection of Candidates for Boot Camp:

Selection of candidates will be based on test and interviews. List of successful candidates will be displayed on the websites of MOIT&T and MRGT. Waiting list of the candidates will also be displayed. If any candidates fail to join the boot camp. The top candidates from waiting list will be invited to join the boot camp