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I recently attended a MOITT-sponsored boot camp by MRGT, which was highly skilled, comprehensive, and practical, with personalized attention and excellent facilities, highlighting MOITT's commitment to skill development. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to enhance their skills.

Khaliq ur rehman
Khaliq ur Rehman

The bootcamp on Cloud Native Computing has been a success, providing participants with with a comprehensive & practical education skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their careers.Mrgt should be recognized for its excellent delivery of the program.

mohisham review
Mohtisam Ahmed

Cloud Native Computing Bootcamp was an important learning experience for the youth of Pakistan. The bootcamp was totally based on practical aspect and it help a lot in working on extensive projects in the domain of Cloud Native Computing.

basit review
Abdul Basit Surahio

The training program covered core concepts of cloud native computing, including containerization, orchestration, and microservices, and the instructors provided practical insights. I was able to apply this knowledge in real-world scenarios through hands-on exercises.

ATHER review
Ather Kaleem

My perspective and confidence were altered by MOITT-MRGT Boot Camp, which enabled me to challenge myself and change careers to become a System/DevOps Engineer at Stechai, Islamabad. I picked up hundreds of new skills and technologies,which is essential in today's world .

Engr. Ahmad Anas

MOITT's commitment to providing cutting-edge materials and training is appreciated, as well MRGT's resource management and effort especially Sir Saqib, Sir Naveed, Shabaz SB, Saad Shah, Sir Asim, Sir Umar, and Sir Ramzan who resolved all the problems that arose during the course.

Faheem Yaqoob

MoITT started a boot camp to provide comprehensive training in cloud native computing, leading to a job offer. This training has enhanced the individual's professional skills as AWS Cloud Engineer. The training covered course content of Cloud native technologies & included hands on training.

Ijaz Ullah

The MOITT Boot Camp is a good initiative to learn new concept starting with the Red HAT System administration and many more modules related to the DevOps and its security etc, providing hands on experience to IT professionals and Professors of universities

rashid fahim haider review
Rashid Fahim Haider

The instructors were knowledgeable, supportive, and the projects allowed me to apply my new skills in real-world scenarios. I have gained valuable skills and knowledge that have had a significant impact on my personal and professional life.

saqib review
Saqib Ahmed

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