Azure Certifications

Microsoft Azure Administrator

Module 1: Manage Azure identities and governance
Module 2: Deploy and manage Azure compute resources
Module 3: Configure and manage virtual networking
Module 4: Monitor and maintain Azure resources

Azure Developer Associate

Module 1: Develop Azure compute solutions
Module 2: Develop for Azure storage
Module 3: Implement Azure security
Module 4: Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions
Module 5: Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Module 1: Getting started with Source Control
Module 2: Scaling git for enterprise DevOps
Module 3: Implement & Manage Build Infrastructure
Module 4: Managing application config & secrets
Module 5: Implement a mobile DevOps strategy
Module 6: Implementing Continuous Integration in an Azure DevOps Pipeline
Module 7: Implementing a Container Build Strategy
Module 8: Implementing a Container Build Strategy
Module 9: Design a Release Strategy
Module 10: Set up a Release Management Workflow
Module 11: Implement an appropriate deployment pattern
Module 12: Designing a Dependency Management Strategy
Module 13: Manage security and compliance
Module 14: Infrastructure and Configuration Azure Tools
Module 15: Azure Deployment Models and Services
Module 16: Create and Manage Kubernetes Service Infrastructure
Module 17: Third Party and Open Source Tools available with Azure
Module 18: Implement Compliance and Security in your Infrastructure

Azure Data Scientist Associate

Module 1: Manage Azure resources for machine learning
Module 2: Run experiments and train models
Module 3: Deploy and operationalize machine learning solutions
Module 4: Implement responsible machine learning

Azure Database Administrator Associate

Module 1: The Role of the Azure Database Administrator
Module 2: Plan and Implement Data Platform Resources
Module 3: Implement a Secure Environment
Module 4: Monitor and Optimize Operational Resources
Module 5: Optimize Query Performance
Module 6: Automation of Tasks
Module 7: Plan and Implement a High Availability and Disaster Recovery Environment

Azure IoT Developer

Module 1: Set up the Azure IoT Hub solution infrastructure
Module 2: Provision and manage devices
Module 3: Implement IoT Edge
Module 4: Implement business integration
Module 5: Process and manage data
Module 6: Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize IoT solutions
Module 7: Implement security

Azure Stack Hub Operator

Module 1: Overview of Azure Stack Hub
Module 2: Provide Services
Module 3: : Implement Data Center Integration
Module 4: Manage Identity and Access for Azure Stack Hub
Module 5: Manage the Azure Stack Hub Infrastructure

Azure Security Engineer Associate

Module 1: Identity & Access
Module 2: Platform Protection
Module 3: Security Operations
Module 4: Data & Applications